BRJ College visita o Projeto – BRJ College visit the Project

Semana passada recebemos a visita de professores e alunos do Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College. O grupo passou dois anos se preparando para essa viagem.O grupo passou 2 dias conosco. No priemiro dia nós os recebemos com uma festa junina, muita música brasileira, dança e um lanche gostoso. Foi muito divertido ensinar a eles um pouco de nossa cultura.

No segundo dia foi a vez deles nós ensinar algumas coisas, com brincadeiras, a fazer pulseiras e um pouco de sua música também. No final do dia, depois de bombons e pirulitos, ainda ganhamos o Wenlock, mascote da Olimpíada de Londres!

Aprendemos que o nome de Wenlock foi inspirado na cidade de Much Wenlock na Inglaterra, onde, em 1850, a Sociedade Olímpica realizou seus primeiros jogos internacionais, servindo de inspiração para o inicio das Olimpíadas modernas.

O Mascote Olímpico Wenlock tem 5 pulseiras coloridas, representando cada um dos anéis olímpicos. Sua cabeça tem o formato da cobertura do Estádio Olímpico de Londres e o topo da cabeça é um pódio para os atletas de ouro, prata e bronze. Wenlock tem também na cabeça uma luz como as dos famoso taxis de Londres e  seu olho é uma camera em grava tudo.

Divirta-se um pouco com a gente assistindo os alguns dos melhores momentos dessa visita! Estamos felizes de tê-los conhecido e de fazer novos amigos!

Last week we were visited by teachers and students of the Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College. The group spent two years preparing for this trip.

The group spent two days with us. The first day we receive them with a June party, Brazilian music, dance and a tasty snack. It was really fun to teach them a little bit of our culture.

On the second day was their turn to teach us some things, with games, making bracelets and some of his music as well. At the end of the day, after sweets and lollipops, still won the Wenlock, mascot of the London Olympics!

We learned that the name Wenlock was inspired by the town of Much Wenlock in England, where in 1850 the Olympic Society held its first International Games, serving as inspiration for the beginning of the modern Olympics.

The Olympic mascot Wenlock has 5 colorful bracelets, each representing one of the Olympic rings. His head is shaped like the coverage of the Olympic Stadium in London and the top of the head is a podium for the athletes of gold, silver and bronze. Wenlock also has a light in the head as the famous London taxis and his eye is a camera to record everything.

Have fun with us watching some of the best moments of this visit! We are happy to have met them and to have made new friends!


38 Respostas para “BRJ College visita o Projeto – BRJ College visit the Project

  1. Hi im Kamraan Khan from brj ive seen some of your videos as i have been larning about you in my relijious lessons (re) Mrs O’neill and the six form students came to visit you in the summer in re we have ben learning about how you live and the differences and simalaritys between us. I found out we like meeting up with our mates. im 13 i just wanted to ask if there was one thing in your life you could keep or change what would it be? you all have to work at such a young age to get food and pay to go to the project. I just wanted to tell you that your like romoddles to me for doing what you do.

  2. Hi my name is Georgina i am 12 years old and im studying about brazil at my school BRJ.I have seen the video of you teaching BRJ sixth formers and some teachers how to dance to brazilian music. i wish you all the best with your project.i also would love to here from you.

  3. hello i am from blessed robert johnson and my name is Will and I am 12. We have been doing adout Brazil in are relligions lessons and have looked at Estrella and Thelmo as well. We have seen the vidios of the six formers.

  4. hello my name is Levi Blake.i am 13yr old.i go to brj school and we have been working on a projectin a religious lessons.our sixformers visited u in july along with Mrs Oneil and Mr Barrat.We had seen your video.Your dancing and your games were great in the video.

  5. Hello, my name is Mohammad Rana i just wanted to know if we raise money what could it be next year what could we bring that could help your family.
    and we have been talking about you in our religius lessons
    we saw the video our teacher ecoreded it was intresting with your dances
    hope you could reply.

  6. hello my name is Kane Robson i have learn’t about your project with miss O’neill and what you have been doing. in our religous lessons and i wish you best luck and we have. watched the videos of Estrella and Thelmo from kane.

  7. Hello i’m luke and i’m from BRJ College. Me and my class have been learning about brazil and people that live there in my reliouges education. Are six former’s went to brazil with two teachers Mrs O’neill and Mr Barrett

  8. Hello my name is Josh Hancox i am 13 years old i come from BRJ and we have been doing some work about when the sixth former’s came over to Brazil. We have whatched you video and read the page we whatched when you were playing games with miss O’neill and the sixth formers.They were only there for two days but they really enjoyed it.

  9. Hello my name is Chloe Walsh i have a brother called Harrison and i come from BRJ(Blessed Robert johnson) and i have learned about your life style in RE(religious education) i am in year 8 and im 13 years old, i have learned about Brazil and how you live what you live in. i would like to actually live like you for a day and actually see what its like!! from chloe.

  10. hello my name is Harrison (Harry) and i go to BRJ and im in year 8 and im 12 years old, BRJ 6th form have vistited brazil before (july 2012), I really hope you can get back in touch and i hope you enjoy your life in Brazil.

  11. hello our name is Sharna and Allia were both 12 years old, we got to BRJ school here in the UK, we have been learning about brazil and what are school did with you and how your lifestyles are. Mrs O’Neil, Mr barret, Mr Mcdonald and our six form introuced us about they’re exicting brazil project with you guys. we learnt your lifestye or RE lessons. anyway we have to go now 😀 thanks for reading!:-D BYYYYEEEE!!!!:]

  12. HELLO I Am Chloe Im 12 Years Old, And I Go To BRJ, (Blessed Robert Johnson) And I Am Writing To Say Hello!! 🙂 And Mrs O’Neil, Mr Barret Mr Mcdonald And 6 Formers Had Gone To Brazil To Visit You.
    In R.E (Religiouse Education) We Have Been Learning About Brazil And Reo De Janero. And We Have Learned So Much I Hope That I Can Meet You Soon When I Am In 6 Form Or Year 11!! 🙂

  13. Hi my name is Naveed hussain. Iam 12 years old i go to a school called Blessed robert johnson in the UK. The 6th formers came to see you in Brazil. Iam writing to you to say hello. I hope i will see you when i will be in 6 form. Byee

  14. HELLO my name is nathan baker and im 12 years old and i go to BRJ(blessed robert johnson school, in the UK) in july 2012 are 6th form came to see you in Brazil where you are, im writng to say hey and hope we see u in 6th form. bye

  15. Hi my name is Ben. I go to school at BRJ in the UK and I am 12 years old. I have just watched your video and I was impressed with all the dancing and the fun you all had. We have been learning a lot about Brazil in R.E. Are you learning about the U.K? BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    IN A BIT

  16. Hi my name is Jessica, I’m 12 years old and i go to BRJ (blessed Robert Johnson) in the uk. 😀
    Mrs O’Neil, Mr Barret, Mr Mcdonald and some of the 6 formers have tolds us alot about Brazil and has shown us a few photos.
    In RE i have learned abit about your country and would like to learn more.
    Thanks for reading 😀

  17. Hello my name is Rachel Doswell i am 13 years old, i go to the BRJ school (Blessed Robert Johnson) in the UK and i am writing to you to say i have been learning about Brazil in my re class :).
    I have learned about Reo De Janero and all kinda of places in Brazil from the six formers and Mrs O’Neil and Mr Barret. 🙂

  18. hi my name is matthew and i go to brj school i have been watching your videos and i am really looking forward to seeing you in 4 years time when i am in the six form.i would like to play games with you and have fun.bye see you soon.

  19. HELLO my name is nathan baker and i come from BRJ(Blessed Robert Johnson) and i am 12 years old and i come from the UK(United Kingdom) in july 2012 some 6th forms and did you have fun with them? 😛

  20. hello my name is Megan and I am 12 years old and i go to BRJ ( Blessed Robert Jhonson) and i am learning about Brazil, i have seen a video of you teaching Mrs Oneil, Mr Barrot, Mr Macdonnald and some 6th formas how to dance, i hope when i am in 6th form or year 11 i will get to meet you 🙂

  21. Hi im Fabian i’ve seen some of the videos up on youtube, and you look like your having a really good time. 🙂 I am in year 8, and 12 years old. we are in the uk BRJ. i was quite excited to be writeing this letter, and i can’t wait for the reply 😀 Brazil is awesome. hope to meet you some time in 6 form. And thanks for reading BYYYYEEEE

  22. Hello i am Munzir Eltaib i am 13 years old and live In the uk i also go to Brj BRJ stand for Blessed Robet Johnson and Mrs O’Neil, Mr Barret, Mr Mcdonald and some over 6 formers went to Brazil to visit you lot and see what you do and live.
    In RE (Religiouse Education) we are about the poor the rich and the place of the Brazil
    i wish good for the future and take care 😀

  23. Hi my name is zac I am 12 years old and i looking to coem to brizal looks like a fun place to go play games and dancing I wish you lots of love. ❤

  24. Hi my name is Shanna i am 12 years old and i go to brj here in the uk.I have been learning about your lifestyles over in Brazil and ive really enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to visiting you over in Brazil when im in six form 😀 bye

  25. hello i am Andrea small i am 12 years old and i live in the uk i go to brj (blessed robert jhonson) i am looking forward to come to see you guys in 4 years time.

  26. Hi my name is Izzy. Over the last few weeks in R.E, we have been learing about your country and lifestyle. It was really interesting. I can’t wait to come to Brazil when i am in the 6 form. when i come to Brazil it will be in the next 4 years, so that will be when they are holding the Rio de Jenaro olimpics. i am 12 years old and can’t wait to come to Brazil. x 😀

  27. hi i am ashley.sidaway and i am 12 years old and i go to brj. i love brazil

  28. Hello my name is Sophie Birch and i am 12 years old and 13 in January, i go to BRJ (Blessed robert johnson Cathlic collage). We have been learning about your life in Rio De Janero, and we may visit in the near future and talk face to face, hopefully we will talk again.
    Best Wishes for the future!
    from Sophie

  29. hi my name is katie and i am 12 years old and i go to blessed robert johnson catholic collage. we have been learning about Rio De janero and how you live and we may visit in the future. when we come the olympics will be in Rio.i hope we can talk face to face.
    best wishes for the future
    from katie

  30. In Four Years The Olympics is come to brazil rio i am looking forward to watching it i hope Estrella and Thelmo Get to go To the Olympics With all my all From zac

  31. brazil is a great contry and as you will be hoasting the olimpics do you know the mascot mandivel.

  32. Hello my name is Sophie Kirby i am 12 years old and i go to BRJ. I have been learing so much about you in R.E and i would like to come to Brazil in the near future. I hear your country is holding the olyimpics in 4 years, your lucky, when our counrty held the olyimpics it was amazing, i hope you feel the same way. Recently some of our school teachers and some of our six- formers went to vist you, it looks like they had a good time.
    I wish all the best and hope to see you 😀
    Sophie xx

  33. Hi, my name is colleen and i go to Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College.
    i am 13 years old. In june or july Mrs Oniell, Mr Barrett and Mr Mcdonald oh and the six form came over for a visit. In R.E we are learning about Brazil the rich side and
    the poor side. I can’t wait untill i am six form so i can come over to Brizil and see what it is like to be in your shoes.
    see you soonxx

  34. In Four Years The Olympics is come to brazil rio i am looking forward to watching it i hope Estrella and Thelmo Get to go To the Olympics With all my love From zac

  35. Hi my name is josh.I am 12 years old.I go to brj school.I am in year 8.i cant wait to come to rio in 2016 when i am in sixth form.all the best josh.

  36. hi my names Ellie i’m 13 and i go to BRJ ive been lerning about you in re and have found it very intresting learning about how your life is. the six form and some of our teachers visited you eairlier this year and they enjoyed meating you. in 4 years time i will have the chance to come to brizil and meet you to i will look forward to meeting you.

  37. hello my name is bhavneet i am 12 years old and go to BRJ I LOVE TWILIGHT its a movie i really want to come to brazil i hope i come in 4 years time i would love to learn your culture dance!!!! also play games with you, we have been learning about you in RE (Religon Education) Take care, i wish for the future and hope to see you soon!:D

  38. Hello there, my name is Rebecca and I’m 12 Years old and I got to BRJ(Blessed Robert Johnson). I am really lookign forward to meeting you all in 4 years time when I’m in 6th form. In R.E we have been learning all about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. In England we also like to hang out with our friends and chat to them on Facebook. I would love to see and learn about the things you like to do in your spare time. We also like to watch DVD’s such a Twilight. Hope I see you soon, BYE! 🙂

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